The night I met your mother

April 5, 2009

The night I met your mother, I did not even really know that she was going to be there. We met on a weeknight in downtown Greenville. I remember her short curly hair and her brown skin. She had just turned 20. She had on a jean skirt and I somehow kept enough control to not just stare at her amazing legs all night. We sat outside on Main street and ate dinner with mutual friends. She and I really did not talk too much but I do remember having a good time and we made lots of eye contact. When we left, I told Brad that I might want to ask her out. Little did I know that on her trip back to North Greenville, where she was going to college, she was telling Christina that she was going to marry me. Now, make note of this difference in girls and boys. We can talk about that another time.

Your mom and I met another night when a group of people from Pebble Creek were out bowling, and I worked up enough nerve to ask her for her number. I waited almost 2 weeks to call her, even though I wanted to call her that night. I had just finished my undergrad from Emmanuel as a transient student at Clemson and decided to continue to work at Cunningham Waters Construction Company because I couldn’t do an awful lot with a four year degree in Psych. It just so happened that I was working on the Science Building at North Greenville College, an almost year long project. Your mom and I would meet sometimes for lunch and share an ice-cream and swing on one of the bench swings, scattered like freckles on the face of the campus. Wednesday was chicken day at NGC and I would go into the cafeteria and eat lunch with your mom. Imagine her and a few of her friends eating lunch with this construction worker, dirty Carharts and boots caked with upstate red clay. I think she loved the curious press. When I look back, I see her and me as so young. We were both at a transition stage in our lives, which usually means one of two things can happen. We were great for each other, the lesser of probability. Your mom and I unlocked each other. We both became the best of ourselves. She made me so happy from the first night we met.


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