I miss you

December 9, 2008

How can I pick up the pieces when my pieces are buried with you

and any peace that I had is buried there too

I’ve got so many questions…

What’s God like and does He care?

Has He at least left us with memories we can share?

Like the first time I told you I loved you and our first slow dance…

The first time we made love

How about the last?

Can you smile at me in my reflection?

Can you meet me in my dreams?

Do you feel it when I kiss your picture?

Do you know you’re still my queen?

I miss you

Now, there’s no sun in my sky and no horizon for me to walk to

I’m  lonely on this road… I lost my best friend in you

I miss you

Now I’m left with this new reality

Grief, pain and anger have all befriended me

The what ifs and whys have left me hypnotized

How long will I be paralyzed?

I can’t get out of bed when the sun creaps in

And all these questions start again

Did I love you too much?

Did I do something wrong?

You’re in God’s hands now

Weren’t you there all along?

I miss you

No there’s no sun in my sky

No horizon for me to walk to

I’m lonely on this road

I lost everything in you

I miss you

I’ve been cheated… I feel robbed

You’ve got my full attention now God

You took my world away from me

Who owns fate and destiny?

She was my reason for everyday

Why’d you take Linen’s mom away?

I miss You…


I miss you


One Response to “I miss you”

  1. Hope said

    wow…this is very powerfull. You are truly talented and gifted Mike. Like me you know pain all to well. Praise God he heals and makes us whole again. God be with you:-)

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